Full-version CPLEX Optimization Studio is available FREE-OF-CHARGE to academics via IBM's Academic Initiative program.
If you are students, faculty members, or academic professionals at accredited instutions, you can definitely obtain it for free. Just be patient since it might take 3 to 5 business day for IBM to process your application.

Building CLIIQ

Now we have to modify 4 corresponding variables CPLEXDIR, CONCERTDIR, SYSTEM, and LIBFORMAT in the Makefile.

The CPLEXDIR and CONCERTDIR should be the name of folders directly in the folder of CPLEX studio.
For example, if you install CPLEX in /usr/local/ILOG/CPLEX_Studio125, the values of these 2 two variables should be specified as the folders

CPLEXDIR = /usr/local/ILOG/CPLEX_Studio125/cplex
CONCERTDIR = /usr/local/ILOG/CPLEX_Studio125/concert

Then you should specify SYSTEM and LIBFORMAT according to the platform running CLIIQ. In this case, check the folders in /usr/local/ILOG/CPLEX_Studio125/cplex/lib and /usr/local/ILOG/CPLEX_Studio125/concert/lib, and you should find what you need, such as

SYSTEM = x86-64_sles10_4.1
LIBFORMAT = static_pic

In short, just to make sure the paths $(CPLEXDIR)/lib/$(SYSTEM)/$(LIBFORMAT) and $(CONCERTDIR)/lib/$(SYSTEM)/$(LIBFORMAT) really point to appropriate folders.

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